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Welcome to Project Darwin
This wikia demonstrates Project Darwin, the next evolution of Wikia's look and feel. Darwin's updates will always be showcased here first. Read more about Darwin on the staff blog, and let us know what you think at the Community Central Forum.
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Darwin's fluid layout
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FLUID is the first stage of Project Darwin, updating Wikia with a responsive site layout. This means that whether you're on a tablet, a laptop or a 30 inch screen, the content will adjust to fit your display. If you're on a large screen right now, resize your browser window and watch how things adapt. Check out the example pages listed to the right, to see how various types of pages behave with the fluid layout. Other changes in this stage are the new Special:CSS page for customizing the look of your Wikia and updated Editor Preview options to show you how an article will look on other screen sizes. You can play with Special:CSS and Fluid Editor Preview on the Community Test Wikia, and you can also create your own fluid layout test pages there!
Example pages
These example pages illustrate how fluid layout works. Adjust the size of your browser window as you look at the pages:

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